[Drawing] Toolbar


Shows or hides the drawing toolbar from the screen.

When the √ mark is beside the toolbar, it is shown on the screen, and hidden when the √ mark is removed.


1. Run [View-Toolbars-Drawing].

2. The drawing toolbar is shown or hidden from the editing screen.

▶Detailed Information

[Drawing] Toolbar

This toolbar is a collection of diverse function icons used for drawing and editing the drawn images.




Draw Menu

Provides many functions for drawing.

Select Objects

Changes the state to select an object in the document.

Auto Shapes

Inserts various shapes into the document.


Draws a line.


Draws an arrow.


Draws a rectangle or square.


Draws a circle or ellipse.

Text Box

Inserts a text box.

Insert Clip Art

Opens the clip art window.

Insert Picture

Inserts a picture file.

Fill Color

Sets the surface color of the drawn object.

Line Color

Sets the line color of the drawn object.

Font Color

Sets the color of the selected font.

Line Style

Sets the border line thickness of drawings and images.

Dash Style

Sets the line shape as solid, dotted, dashed, or double lines.

Arrow Style

Sets the arrow shape at the tip and the end.

Shadow Style

Sets a shadow on the object.


When you don't know the function of the icon on the toolbar, place the mouse pointer on the icon for about a second, and a icon name balloon will show up.

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