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Hancom Group’s companies provide comprehensive industry-leading solutions in a wide range of sectors including enterprise productivity, information security, digital forensics, embedded systems, communication platforms, and language translation services.In particular, in the enterprise productivity sector, Hancom’s flagship office productivity solutions dominate in Korea, especially in the government and education markets. Currently, Hancom’s suite of collaboration-oriented office applications has been preinstalled on more than 500 million mobile devices from Samsung and other major OEMs. *

Our branded browser- and desktop-based productivity tools are used by teams of professionals in everything from SOHO offices to global enterprises.

Our suite of services is even bundled into the offerings of hosted service providers and integrated into the fabric of third-party software providers, who simply find it easier to use Thinkfree to deliver the value that their customers demand.

Hancom’s headquarters are in Seongnam, Korea, with global offices in the US, Belgium, and Australia. Hancom’s office productivity tools include Thinkfree Office Online, Thinkfree Office Desktop, Thinkfree Office Mobile, Thinkfree DocsConverter, and Thinkfree Connect, which are available on the website and AWS Workspaces Marketplace with flexible license options. Most recently, in partnership with AWS, a customized version of Thinkfree Office Online was also made available specifically for AWS WorkDocs users to enhance their content editing and collaboration scenarios.

Thinkfree: Office the way you want it.

Browser. Mobile. Desktop. SaaS.

* Thinkfree Office Mobile is branded as Hancom Office in Asia.