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Thinkfree Connect expands an organization’s options for delivering and managing the professional productivity experiences enabled by Thinkfree Office. Thinkfree Connect is a subscription-based service that enables an organization to manage Thinkfree Office subscriptions – Windows, iOS, Android and Chromebooks – under a single license. You can connect Thinkfree Office to your favorite cloud account manage user access via the credentials associated with the cloud service account.

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Leverage existing investments and enable your users to improve their productivity

  • User

    Simple and easy to use

    Users can use Thinkfree office suites by simple login using existing cloud service accounts on PC, mobile and Chromebook.

  • IT Manager

    Distribute and manage easily

    Thinkfree Connect automatically synchronizes the information about employees who are using cloud services, so IT admins can easily enable access to the rich productivity tools in Thinkfree Office.

Expanded opportunities for cloud service providers

Thinkfree Connect enables you to deliver new value-added services to your customers

  • Add value and boost sales

    Thinkfree Connect makes it easy expand your
    service offerings by making a complete office
    solution available to your customers – with
    minimal administrative overhead.

  • No assembly required

    Bundling Thinkfree Office for your customers
    involves minimal effort. There’s no development
    involved, and Thinkfree handles the secure
    integration with your service offerings.

Enhance the value of your cloud solution
with Thinkfree Connect

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